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6 minutes - Exactly two years ago, we published the first stable version of React Navigation.

Redux core concepts you need to know BY ALEX RITZCOVAN

7 minutes - Redux is advertised as "A Predictable State Container for JS Apps."

Build w/ Create React App + TypeScript BY DMITRY ROGOZHNY

4 minutes - We will look at the initial configuration of an application, and how to start adding new React components using TypeScript.

useEffect(fn, []) ≠ componentDidMount() BY BRAD WESTFALL

9 minutes - They’re almost the same. But there’s actually just enough of a difference to possibly get you into trouble – especially if you’re refactoring from classes.

Assertion signatures and Object.defineProperty BY STEFAN BAUMGARTNER

5 minutes - In JavaScript, you can define object properties on the fly with Object.defineProperty. This is useful if you want your properties to be read-only or similar.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Ahoy Captain Hook(s)! BY JAKUB FEDORUK

3 minutes - Showing you an easy way to start using React Hooks. All puns to Hook with Robin Williams are intended

React useReuse pattern BY BASARAT ALI SYED

2 minutes - I’d like to introduce the useReuse pattern, something that has seen a lot of traction in the components we have been building lately.

6 things I wish I knew about state BY VEERAL PATEL

7 minutes - When I started writing React apps.

Smooth animations with Hooks, again BY KIRILL VASILTSOV

3 minutes - A few months ago I wrote about using the FLIP technique to animate things in React. Since then, I’ve found that some decisions were rather redundant.

Exploring Hooks performance practices BY ILYA LYAMKIN

4 minutes - Hooks comes with a learning curve that could lead to performance pitfalls. Let’s deep dive into the most popular ones and try to figure out how to avoid them.

Gradually using TypeScript in a project BY FERNANDO DOGLIO

7 minutes - Why would you want to migrate from JS to TS? There can be an infinite amount of reasons but that’s not the point.

More real-world reports:


How to handle Ajax with React BY GAURAV SINGHAL

14 minutes - Using the Ajax call into a React app.

Performance optimization in React BY BIBEK MAGAR

5 minutes - Performance is very common thing that every developer may face at some point after building the application.

A React Router from scratch in TS BY WIM JONGENEEL

4 minutes - Within the React ecosystem react-router is the most popular package to implement client-side routing.

How to create maps with React and Leaflet BY SHAJIA ABIDI

10 minutes - Helping you understand how to create an advanced map along with the help of React and Vanilla JS.

Better components w/ children property BY DMITRY ROGOZHNY

5 minutes - In React we create new components using other components as building blocks.

More tutorials:


Yarn 1 vs Yarn 2 vs NPM BY JAMON HOLMGREN

7 minutes - Putting Yarn 1, Yarn 2, and NPM through the paces and comparing them for use at Infinite Red.

Top 5 React Hooks on Github BY KRIS GUZMAN

5 minutes - With the availability of hooks like useState, useEffect, useCallback, anduseContext, we can now build a React app made of only functional components.

Announcing TypeScript 3.8 RC BY DANIEL ROSENWASSER

17 minutes - TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Fishery – a JS and TS factory Library BY STEPHEN HANSON

4 minutes - We have just released Fishery, a TypeScript-compatible library for setting up JavaScript objects for use in tests and anywhere else you need to set up data.

TensorFlow.js for React Native is here BY JAMIE CONNOLLY

7 minutes - We are pleased to announce that TensorFlow.js for React Native is now available for general use.

React dashboard template with Elastic BY MEET ZAVERI

7 minutes - Are you looking for a quick boilerplate for your awesome SaaS dashboard project?

More tooling:


Demystifying a TypeScript quirk BY MATTHEW MILLER

3 minutes - I recently read Asana’s blog post on TypeScript quirks and took particular interest in the first TypeScript quirk they mention. While it may seem like an inconsistency, the way the type system behaves here is entirely logical.

Become a React developer in a weekend BY JEREMY MORGAN

4 minutes - If you want to be a React Developer, there’s a lot to learn. You can get started in a weekend. Yes, in a single weekend, you can learn React

In React, abstraction kills efficiency BY JESSE DUFFIELD

11 minutes - To illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s start with a simple app that has a counter (original, I know) and some buttons to modify the counter.

Conditional rendering for components BY TOMMY GROSHONG

5 minutes - A simple exploration and comparison of two tactics for handling conditionally rendering components in React.

Does your web app need a framework? BY MAX PEKARSKY

19 minutes - In this post, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the problem front-end frameworks are trying to solve and when you might want to use one.


React Native challenges BY WARD ABBASS

Duration: 17 minutes

Discussing Yarn v2 BY BEN AWAD

Duration: 21 minutes

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