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React Ninjas Newsletter

React Ninjas Newsletter

Weekly newsletter for ReactJS pros. Carefully curated by Astha from Jexia.


Memoizing React components

By Raushan Sharma

4 minutes - Memoize for better performance.

Micro front-end composition patterns

By Harry Martland

4 minutes - Design patterns to help you build micro frontends effectively

Why ‘binding’ our functions in React apps?

By Eric Chi

8 minutes - For our discussion, we will take a look at a simple React application that lists video suggestions taken from the YouTube API.

Journey for React & Redux, in a TDD way

By Md. Sadhan Sarker

11 minutes - Test-driven development (TDD), is an evolutionary approach to development which combines test-first development.

Core and native Components · React Native

By the React Native team

2 minutes - React Native lets you compose app interfaces using Native Components. Conveniently, it comes with a set of these components for you to get started with right now—the Core Components!

React fundamentals · From Facebook's RN team

By the React Native team

5 minutes - To understand React Native fully, you need a solid foundation in React. This short introduction to React can help you get started or get refreshed.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Here a 6 useful React components

By Indrek Lasn

4 minutes - Credit cards, tabs, sidebars, and more

Choosing a "modern" React.js + .Net Core stack

By Jeremy D Miller

12 minutes - This is really just preparation for a meeting I’m attending.

Fix the "not wrapped in act(...)" warning

by Kent C. Dodds

11 minutes - There are a few reasons you're getting this warning. Here's how you fix it.

React Native is the future of mobile at Shopify

by Farhan Thawar

9 minutes - After years of native mobile development, we’ve decided to build all of our new mobile apps using React Native. As I’ll explain, that decision doesn’t come lightly.

Lessons learned building my React Native app

by Takuya Matsuyama

7 minutes - I’m developing a Markdown note-taking app called Inkdrop, and I’ve recently released a new mobile app. Part 4.


From create-react-app to PWA

By Johnny Reilly

10 minutes - Progressive Web Apps are a (terribly named) wonderful idea. You can build an app once using web technologies which serves all devices and form factors.

Dropdown data binding with React Hooks

By Carl Rippon

7 minutes - How to populate a dropdown with data from a web API using React Hooks.

Micro-interactions with react-spring: Part 3

By Emma Bostian

14 minutes - In the first post in this series, we examined the basics of micro-interactions: what are they, why should you use them, how you build them. In the second post, we built two animated menus.

Modernizing a jQuery frontend with React

By Bruno Sampaio

5 minutes - There are lots of articles out there about React, but not so many that share a firsthand experience of modernizing a large scale application from jQuery to React.

3D data visualization with React and Three.js

By Peter Beshai

24 minutes - Recently we tested ways to analyze Local Voices Network conversation data, such as applying BERT for semantic clustering and DeepMoji to explore emotional content. My role was to build a fun UI to explore the data.

React testing using Jest, with code coverage report

By Yogesh Chavan

10 minutes -Additionally, you might like this week’s blog React Native: How to test Components implementing Animated with Jest.

More tutorials:


Exploring React Native on Windows

By Paola Ducolin

9 minutes - We want to share our experience and our evaluation of the technology, considering that this was done a few months ago and that technology evolves a lot in time.

Simplifying Redux with the Redux Toolkit

By Enno Lohmann

7 minutes -The Redux toolkit supports the development with Redux. It helps reduce boilerplate code and can simplify the usage of Redux.

React Navigation v5 + React Native Paper = ❤️

By Dawid Urbaniak

23 minutes -A guest post at the React Navigation website, by the React Native Paper team.

Web components + React Hooks = Haunted

By Sergey Kondratenko

9 minutes -There is already a brilliant library which makes it possible to use Hooks together with Web Components. It’s name is Haunted.

Using Apollo GraphQL w/ React in a Nx workspace

By Philip Fulcher

6 minutes - Nx is a set of extensible dev tools for monorepos.

RoughJS + Hooks, to draw a HTML canvas in Gatsby

By Christos Hrousis

9 minutes - Sometimes you come across a great library, and it inspires you to do something.


React, Redux, and context behavior

By Mark Erikson

4 minutes - There’s a couple assumptions that I’ve seen pop up repeatedly. 1: React-Redux is "just a wrapper around React context". 2: You can avoid re-renders caused by React context if you destructure the context value.

Thoughts about micro front-ends in 2020

By Raymon Schouwenaar

4 minutes - Why it could be good to break up your monolithic front-end codebase.


Even more GraphQL + React Hooks refactoring!

Duration: 27 minutes

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