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Micro frontends made easy

4 minutes - Splitting a complex web app in smaller projects and putting it together on a page with iframes. Though Iframes are not the only way to do it.

Front-end performance checklist 2020

A front-end performance checklist that takes 87 minutes to read ?. Well, it includes all the tech you need to know to create fast experiences on the web today.

Mono-repos: features and performance

15 minutes - After a brief introduction to Mono-Repos and a comparison with Multi-Repos, I go into tools for establishing Mono-Repos.

Back to writing after a long time . Hope to do it more regularly now :) A chapter wise breakdown into the world of Micro-frontends

#Microfrontends #frontend #webdevelopment #distributedsystems

— Pranay Kalro (@pkalro) January 12, 2020

10 JS concepts you need, to master React

12 minutes - This is the 3rd article in the series Learn React in 2020.

Best new features of Create React App 3.3

6 minutes - This post takes you through the top features in the newly released Create React App 3.3.

How to do DOM manipulation in TypeScript

6 minutes - It's about how to do DOM manipulation in TypeScript and how they are not available in the language tutorials

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Goodbye, clean code

5 minutes - Let clean code guide you. Then let it go.

React pitfalls: useState initialization

5 minutes - A common pitfall in React is to initialize useState with a dynamic value.

Writing dependency-free JavaScript

5 minutes - For building, I experimented with things I learnt from React, without actually using any dependencies. In the process I have discovered a few techniques I thought were valuable enough to write down.

Porting a JavaScript App to WebAssembly with Rust (Part 2) by slowtec: #web

— Read Rust (@read_rust) January 9, 2020

Test @loadable/components w/ Jest, Pixel + Ink

1 minute - We have recently switched from react-loadable to @loadable/components for a number of reasons but had a hard time getting our tests to continue passing.

Tweets sentiment analysis w/ Stanford CoreNLP

10 minutes - Describing how I built a small application to perform sentiment analysis on tweets, using Stanford CoreNLP library, Twitter4J, Spring Boot and React.

More real-world reports:


Fetching data with React Hooks

4 minutes - Fetching data has historically been realized via `componentDidMount`, however, we can accomplish similar effects via useState and useEffect.

Error reporting with Rollbar and Next.js

5 minutes - Showing you how to easily set up error monitoring with Rollbar and Next.js.

Up and running — Next.js and TypeORM

10 minutes - Talking about how to get up and running with multiple environments. …This time about how to integrate Next.js serverless API functions with TypeORM and Postgres.

New article in my blog: Five donts of web app internationalization.

— Artem Sapegin (@iamsapegin) January 9, 2020

How to use React useRef with TypeScript

2 minutes - Make sure to use the useLayoutEffect whenever you’re doing any work with the DOM reference object.

React Native — monorepos & code sharing

6 minutes - Let’s examine everything that might go wrong when trying to use React Native in a monorepo. Then, let’s fix it.

Choosing a style library for your React project

6 minutes - So, you've got an app to build. How are you going to style it? With the ever-growing number of styling solutions in the React ecosystem, it can be overwhelming to choose a strategy.

More tutorials:


Announcing TypeScript 3.8 Beta

18 minutes - TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Create charts in React using Chart.js

15 minutes - How to use Chart.js to create robust visualizations in a ReactJS application.

Storybook 5.3 is here!!
Build production design systems faster

Write stories & docs in MDX
First-class @vuejs @angular @emberjs @web_components @reactjs support
⚙️ Declarative config
Design tool integrations

Epic teamwork @storybookjs

— Michael Shilman (@mshilman) January 14, 2020

Zero config CLI that runs JavaScript + TypeScript

Craft.js: framework to build drag & drop page editors

A React Framework for building extensible drag and drop page editors.

More tooling:


2019 JavaScript Rising Stars

5 minutes - The 4th edition of JavaScript Rising Stars, showcasing the numbers the projects that got traction on GitHub in 2019.

We’re killing the mobile web

9 minutes - You’re browsing the web on your mobile phone or tablet and a banner appears on the top of the screen, urging you to install the site’s native app.

I've moved my free #react book to my blog I will keep working to improve the chapters and add new ones. If you got ideas for what I should cover, please comment #javascript

— Christoffer Noring (@chris_noring) January 7, 2020

Please stop using classes in JavaScript

5 minutes - In this article I will talk about why it is a bad idea to use classes in JavaScript, and what the alternatives are.

Disney’s motion design principles for UI animations

5 minutes - Principles created by Disney, three decades ago have influenced how we design for interface animation.

More perspectives:


dotJS 2019 - James Long - CRDTs for Mortals

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